The Rise of Plant-Based Diets: How Mediterranean Restaurants Are Adapting

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  • 11 May,2023

At our Middle Eastern restaurant in Glendora, we have seen a noticeable rise in the number of guests who select plant-based meals as their meal option. The increasing popularity of vegetarian and vegan diets is not just a passing craze. Rather, it is a movement that has been steadily gaining ground for some years. 

This blog will investigate how we, along with other Mediterranean restaurants, are adjusting to meet the growing demand for plant-based Middle Eastern dishes in Glendora.  

The Increasing Popularity of Diets Based on Plants  

In the recent past, there has been a discernible rise in the number of individuals adopting diets that are predominately composed of plant-based foods. According to a study by Global Data, the proportion of Americans who follow a vegan diet has increased by a factor of 600 percent over the past three years.  

Concerns over health, ethics, and the environment are only some of the factors that have contributed to this tendency. 

In Keeping with the Current Fashion  

We are a restaurant that specializes in Middle Eastern food in California, and although we have always provided a variety of vegetarian and vegan alternatives, we are continuously searching for new ways to enhance and extend the range of those options. We are changing in many ways to meet the rising demand for options that are derived from plants, including the following:  

Increasing the Number of Alternatives Based on Plants.  

We have expanded the number of vegetarian and vegan alternatives available on our menu for Mediterranean food in Glendora. Guess what! Some of the new items include delicacies like stuffed grape leaves, falafel, and hummus. Tofu and tempeh are just two examples of plant-based proteins that have found their way into more of our cuisines recently.  

Getting Rid of All Animal Products.  

We have begun the process of removing plant-based replacements for animal products from several of our dishes that formerly contained animal ingredients. To give one example, we are now able to provide vegan cheese as an alternative to dairy cheese.  

Bringing Attention to Alternatives Derived from Plants.  

On our menu as well as throughout all our social media outlets, we have begun to highlight the available plant-based options. Customers that adhere to a plant-based diet will have an easier time determining whether dishes are appropriate for their diet as a result of this.  

Providing Alternatives Derived from Plants. 

Vegan options, such as vegan shawarma and vegan kebab, are available for those who prefer not to eat dishes that contain meat. These tasty replacements are prepared using plant-based proteins instead of animal ones, yet they taste the same as the original meat recipes.  

Informing the Consumer Base.  

We are enlightening our clients about the advantages of diets based on plant-based foods. We have designed information cards that discuss the positive effects that diets based on plants can have on the environment, as well as the negative effects that animal husbandry can have.  

The Several Advantages of Plant-based Diets  

Following a diet that is primarily composed of plant foods has several positive health effects. Here are several examples:  

Health Benefits  

Diets that are primarily composed of plant foods are particularly abundant in important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. They also contain less cholesterol and saturated fat, both of which can contribute to a lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease and other chronic illnesses.  

Environmental Benefits  

Animal husbandry is one of the most significant contributors to a variety of environmental issues, including deforestation, contamination of water sources, and emissions of greenhouse gases. We can have a more positive effect on the environment if we cut down on the amount of animal products that we consume.  

Gains in Terms of Ethics  

Because of ethical considerations, many individuals opt to consume only plant-based foods in their diet. Animal agribusiness frequently involves cruel treatment and exploitative practices toward the animals used in the industry. By adopting a diet that is primarily composed of plant-based foods, we can lessen the amount of pain that we cause to animals.  


Restaurants in the Mediterranean region are becoming more adaptable to meeting the evolving requirements of their clientele as the desire for plant-based solutions continues to rise. We are making it easier for individuals to adopt a plant-based diet by expanding the number of options that are plant-based, removing goods derived from animals, highlighting options that are plant-based, providing plant-based substitutes, and educating customers.  

By acting in this manner, we are not only satisfying the requirements of our clientele, but we are also contributing to the formation of a food system that is more environmentally responsible and moral. Visit us for more mouth-watering Mediterranean cuisine in California to satisfy your taste buds. 


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