Explore Damasquino’s Sandwich Meals: A Taste of Middle Eastern Delight

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  • 09 August,2023

As a food lover, you must be excited to take a delicious journey through the heart of the Middle East! At Damasquino, our state-of-the-art Mediterranean restaurant, we serve sandwich meals to make your taste buds dance. We offer everything from juicy chicken kabob sandwiches to mouth-watering beef shawarma. It’s time to explore our sandwich menu’s distinctive flavors.  

Chicken Kabob Sandwich Meal: 

Imagine sinking your teeth into a sandwich that’s bursting with tender pieces of grilled chicken. That is exactly what our chicken kabob sandwich meal does. The succulent chicken, paired with fresh veggies, is tucked into warm pita bread. The first bite is like a flavorful explosion in your mouth.  

Beef Kabob Sandwich: 

If you’re a fan of rich, marinated beef, our beef kabob sandwich is calling your name. The beef is perfectly grilled. This results in a delicious blend of savory and juicy pleasure in every bite. At our Mediterranean restaurant in Glendora, we wrap it in pita bread. You won’t forget this Middle Eastern delight.  

Kafta Kabob Sandwich: 

Get ready to savor the unique taste of kafta kabob. It’s one of the commonest Middle Eastern sandwiches. Your mouth is filled with a symphony of flavors as a result of the flavorful ground meat, herbs, and spices. For a meaty choice that will satisfy your appetites, try our kafta kabob sandwich. 

Supreme Sandwiches: 

Feeling adventurous? Our supreme sandwiches are here to treat your taste buds! We stuff these sandwiches with multiple flavors. The amazing combination of meats, vegetables, and our special sauces makes a mouthwatering dish to leave you craving more options of Middle Eastern food. Soujook Sandwiches: 

If you’re in the mood for something bold and spicy, our soujook sandwiches have got your back. Damasquino’s sandwich menu seems incomplete without them. Middle Eastern sausage known as soujook gives your food a distinctive taste. When you bite into one of these mouthwatering sandwiches, think of savoring the enticing flavor and captivating aroma. 

Fries Sandwich: 

Love fries? Why not enjoy them in a sandwich? Our fries sandwich blends tasty toppings with crispy fries and all of it is wrapped in soft pita bread. It combines Middle Eastern flair with comfort food in an ideal way. 

Falafel Sandwich: 

Attention all vegetarians and falafel enthusiasts! Crispy falafel balls, fresh vegetables, and our tahini sauce are all included in our falafel sandwich. Each bite is an homage to the tastes and feelings that will make you happy. 

Chicken Shawarma Sandwich: 

Craving the taste of slow-roasted, seasoned chicken? Our chicken shawarma sandwich is a traditional option that is delectable. A favorite among guests is the delicate chicken wrapped in pita bread. 

Beef Shawarma Sandwich: 

For a taste of Middle Eastern tradition, the beef shawarma sandwich is a must-try. The marinated beef, when coupled with the vegetables and our special sauces, provides an unmistakable harmony of flavors. 

Soujook W/ Cheese – A Flavorful Fusion of Delights:  

Our Soujook W/ Cheese sandwich is a leading Mediterranean food in Glendora. The star of the show is soujook, a spicy and savory Middle Eastern sausage that infuses every bite with warmth and zing. Imagine sinking your teeth into tender, seasoned soujook that’s been lovingly grilled to perfection. The combination of spices gives the sausage a distinct, delicious flavor that is both powerful and reassuring.  

But that’s not all—this sandwich takes its flavor profile up a notch by adding the creamy richness of the cheese. Cheese and soujook go together like butter and honey in a dish. As you savor each bite, the savory notes of the soujook intertwine with the smoothness of the cheese, creating a symphony of taste that dances on your palate.  

Customize Your Experience with Extra Meat: 

If you’re fond of hearty, protein-packed sandwiches, then we can oblige you! At Damasquino, we offer the option to add extra meat to your SOUJOOK W/ CHEESE sandwich. For just an additional $2, you can indulge in an even more substantial and satisfying meal. Picture yourself relishing the intensified flavors and textures as you enjoy the perfect balance of soujook, cheese, and extra meat.  


We’re bringing the flavors of the Middle East to California at Damasquino with our range of sandwiches. As one of the best restaurants in Glendora, CA, we sincerely cherish the rich and diverse flavors that this cuisine has to offer. Whether you’re a meat lover or a vegetarian, there’s a sandwich here that will take you to the vibrant streets of the Mediterranean. So, why wait? Come on over and experience the Middle Eastern delight that our sandwiches bring to the table!  


Yes, we offer options like the Falafel Sandwich and Soujook sandwich that cater to vegetarians.

Absolutely! You can add extra meat to your sandwich for just $2.00, making it even heartier.

Our sandwich meals are designed to satisfy your appetite and please your palate. Every morsel is flavorful and filling.

Yes, there are many Middle Eastern dishes on our menu apart from sandwiches. There are beverages, appetizers, combo plates, etc. Check out our full menu at our menu for more options.


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